CDS Summer App Challenge 2018

Last year, we successfully launched the CDS Summer App Challenge where participants with medical and/or informatics background(s) competed in creating the best clinical decision support (CDS) solution. We received many submissions with excellent potential, and the top three were selected by our international jury of experts to participate in The Finals Event in Stockholm, Sweden to present their applications.

This year, we are at it again! We are now accepting registrations for the CDS Summer App Challenge 2018. The concept is the same as last year. Identify a medical case where clinical decision support (länk till framsidan av där de kan läsa mer om CDS?) can be implemented to help healthcare professionals make the right decisions. Use the guides and tutorials on this web site to convert your idea to a CDS application using the tools provided and submit your finished application when it has been completed. No prior programming experience is required.

Once we have received your submission, our international jury of medical doctors and medical informatics specialists will evaluate your submission based on clinical relevance and modeling quality. After the jury has reviewed all the submissions, the top three contestants will be invited to present their CDS applications at The Finals Event in Sweden.

Register today to secure a spot in this year’s challenge – the number of participants is limited!

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