CDS App Challenge 2020

The winners of the CDS App Challenge 2020 are:

  1. Hager and Mouna with the UKELD Score app
  2. A shared 2nd spot between Rosario with the IHI Global Trigger Tool app and Núria with the SWIFT Score app
  3. Jorge with the Oakland Score app

Congratulations to the Finalists of the CDS App Challenge 2020!

Big thanks to all other participants who made good efforts, and last but not least thanks to the excellent Jury members who contributed in the assessment period. On the Github page you can find all other submitted apps to the CDS App Challenge 2020.

Group photo from the remotely hosted Finalists Event in May 2021 with Hager Saleh and Mouna Ghannam (winners), Núria Rodriguez Ruiz (shared 2nd place), Rosario Silva Sepulveda (shared 2nd place), Rashmi Damodaran (Lead support, Cambio), Gunnar O. Klein (Jury member), Wiqas Valji (Jury member), Stefano Bonacina (Jury member), Jorge Gatica (3rd place), Rong Chen (Jury member, Cambio) and Mattias Fendukly (Project manager, Cambio).