GDPR and Intellectual Property

At Cambio, we work hard to ensure that we handle data and process information in a fair and sufficient way. You can find out more on how we deal with your personal data in the Cambio Privacy Policy. The Cambio Privacy Policy describes in detail how and why we handle your personal information and what rights you have. Click on the link below to find out more.
Cambio Privacy Policy

CDS App Challenge

When you register as a participant in the CDS App Challenge, your personal data is registered in our system. Your data will therefore be accessible in searches performed by the support team working at Cambio. This requires your permission upon registering in the CDS App Challenge.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your created and submitted CDS app in the CDS App Challenge is to be treated as open source software by Cambio. For more information on your intellectual property rights, please read our Intellectual Property Rights Declaration.
Intellectual Property Rights Declaration