How to

The following list describes the steps to take to participate in the CDS App Challenge after signing up.

  • Step 02

    Create an account on GitHub if you don’t already have one.

  • Step 05

    Switch to the app-challenge-2023 branch using the GitHub desktop. A guide on how to switch to branches can be found here.

  • Step 06

    Create your clinical model consisting of archetype(s), guideline and a test fixture (tutorials can be found here). Make sure to re-use already existing archetypes as much as possible.

  • Step 07

    Add the new archetype(s), guideline and test fixture to the corresponding folders in your forked repository.

    Archetypes should be added to gdl-guideline-models\archetypes
    Guideline and Test fixture should be added to gdl-guideline-models\gdl2

  • Step 08

    Make sure the clinical model still does not exist in the gdl-guideline-models repository and that your model includes the following:

    • Information in all meta-data fields (under the descriptions tab in the GDL2 Editor)
    • Reference to at least one scientific publication
    • Relevant test cases (minimum three test cases in your test fixture)
  • Step 09

    Push your clinical model to your local app-challenge-2023 branch and create a pull request. A guide on creating a pull requests can be found here.