CDS App Challenge

Do you want to influence the future of healthcare and have an impact on the lives of millions? The CDS App Challenge is your chance! The CDS App Challenge was initially launched in 2017. Participants with medical and/or informatics background(s) competed in creating the best clinical decision support (CDS) solutions. Many promising CDS applications were submitted, and the top three were selected by our international jury of experts to present their applications at The Finals Event in Stockholm in front of a live audience. The CDS App Challenge was successfully launched last year as well. In 2019, we were at it again! The concept was similar to previous years. Identify a medical case where clinical decision support can be implemented to help healthcare professionals make the right decisions. Use the guides and tutorials provided on this web site to convert your idea into a CDS application and submit your finished decision support tool to us when it has been completed. The last date of submission was the 31st of December 2019. No prior programming experience is required to participate in the challenge.

Once we have received your submission, our international jury of healthcare professionals and medical informatics specialists will evaluate your submission based on clinical relevance and modeling quality. The jury will select the top three contestants who will be invited to present their CDS applications at The Finals Event later this year.


The CDS App Challenge 2019 is a challenge for anyone with an interest in medical informatics. We welcome anyone to participate, however, there are a small set of rules to follow. Click below to find out more.

How to

To participate in the CDS App Challenge you should create and add a new clinical model to the common-clinical-models repository, re-using building blocks to the greatest extent possible.
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Assessment criteria

After submitting your CDS model, an international jury will start assessing your submission. Click below to find out more.

Whats in it for me?

Similar to the previous two years, we will award the top performing participants. Click here to find out which prizes are on the prize table this year!

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The registration for CDS App Challenge 2019 is closed. Keep an eye out for CDS App Challenge 2020!