Assessment criteria

After submitting your CDS model, the jury will start assessing your submission. The criteria that the jury will assess are presented below. The maximum amount of points is 7.5.

Criteria nameCriteria descriptionMaximum amount of points
Clinical relevanceYour CDS model shall be based on international, national, or regional clinical practice guidelines.1 point
Quality on guideline descriptionWhen creating your guideline in the GDL2 Editor, you need to add meta-data as described in the tutorials. Clarity and correctness of the meta-data is important when creating a guideline.1 point
LanguageEnglish is a prerequisite. However, we encourage additional languages. Additional languages can give up to an extra half point.1.5 points (correct English gives 1 point and additional languages can give up to 0.5 points)
Design of the CDS modelsHaving a good structure and design when building your CDS model is important. Furthermore we encourage reuse of existing archetypes as the building blocks of your guideline.1 point (whereas 0.5 of these points are only to be provided in case of good reusability of existing archetypes)
Correctness of CDS model logicYour CDS model shall perform calculations and other logic correctly.1 point
Test coverage of the guideline logicIn the GDL2 Editor, there is one tab for creating tests for your guideline. We require at least 3 test cases. (See tutorials for more information).1 point
Complexity of the CDS modelCDS models vary in their complexity, a CDS model with a higher complexity level will be provided with more points.1 point