Open standards and open source

At Cambio CDS, we believe in the potential of having a community that is engaged in improving healthcare and delivering high quality clinical decision support (CDS) applications. We have since the beginning of this decade been working with the openEHR community to promote standards-based open platforms. We contributed to the core openEHR design specifications including Guideline Definition Language (GDL), a formal language designed to express clinical guidelines and rules based on electronic health record (EHR) standards and reference terminologies.

We author and publish common reusable clinical models under open source software license. At our GitHub Wiki you can find over 400 CDS models published as open source. A thriving and engaged CDS software community is the key towards long term sustainability and scalability. We would like you to be a part of this community – go to the CDS App Challenge page and read more about how you can contribute today.