Install Docker

Start Docker

Open the command prompt

Run the GDL2 Editor

Launch the GDL2 Editor

Install Docker

Download Docker:

The links above will take you to the Docker download page. If you don’t already have a Docker ID, click on Get Started to create one. Otherwise, go directly to Login To Download.

When you have chosen to create a Docker ID you will see the following page:

In the field Enter a Docker ID you should put a user ID of your own choosing. Next, you select the password to your Docker account, input your email adress and check the mandatory boxes (marked with arrows above).

Continue by following the steps to install Docker and restart the computer when prompted.

Start Docker

When you have completed the Docker installation and have restarted your computer, the next step is to start Docker. Either Docker is starting automatically after you have restarted your computer, or you find the Docker App and click on it to start.

It takes a while for Docker to start. On windows you can monitor the process using the hidden icons (the small, upwards pointing arrow in the taskbar)

While Docker is starting, the small blocks on top of the whale icon will rise and fall. When the starting process is done and Docker has started, the blocks will be static. Usually you also get a notification telling you when Docker is running (has started).

Open the command prompt

When Docker has started you need to run the GDL2 Editor. To do this you first have to open a command prompt.

On windows you can open the command prompt by clicking on the Start or Search button and type cmd, as shown below.

Hitting enter or clicking on the Command Prompt App will open the command prompt.

On mac you can open the command prompt by following these steps:

  1. Open Launchpad
  2. Click on the Other folder
  3. Click on the Terminal App (the icon looks similar to the windows command prompt above)

Run the GDL2 Editor

In the command prompt, type

docker run -p 8089:8080 cdsplatform/gdl2-editor:3.0.1

and hit enter.

This command should initiate downloading of the GDL2 Editor image (only the first time you run the editor). After a while you will see a line stating that the editor has started, similar to the following:

[main] INFO  o.g.gdleditor.GdlEditorApplication - Started GdlEditorApplication in 5.241 seconds (JVM running for 5.828)

Launch the GDL2 Editor

To launch the GDL2 Editor you open a new window or tab in the internet browser. (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft IE 11, and Edge should all work well, please let us know if you encounter any problems).

In the address bar (URL bar) of your internet window, type


and hit enter. This will open the editor and you can start using it.

To learn more about how to use the GDL2 Editor, please visit our other tutorials at