Anani N.

“Several findings are that i) the Care Entry-Network Model facilitates an intermediate step between narrative guideline text and computer-interpretable guidelines to be deployed in openEHR systems, ii) the Guideline Definition Language is practicable for creating and automatically running openEHR-based computer-interpretable guidelines, where we also provide detailed accounts of our employed GDL technologies, and iii) the Guideline Definition Language combined with real patient data from patient data registries can generate new clinical knowledge, which in our case has benefited stroke carers and researchers working with acute stroke thrombolysis. In conclusion, using our methodology, health care stakeholders would get evidence-based knowledge components in their electronic health records based on shareable, well maintainable information and knowledge models in the form of archetypes and GDL rules respectively. However, our approach still needs to be tested at the point of clinical decision making and compared to other approaches for providing exchangeable computer-interpretable guidelines.”(Anani, N, 2016)

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