CDS Apps

Apps in english

Pulmonary Embolism Imaging Referral (ENG)

Colonoscopy Alert (ENG)

Coeliac Disease Alert (ENG)

High Risk Medication Avoidance (ENG)

Acute Kidney Injury (ENG)

Chronic Pain Management (ENG)

Medicines Review (ENG)

Nursing Support (ENG)

C3-cloud personalized care plans and decision support for patients with multiple chronic conditions (type-2 diabetes, heart failure, depression, kidney failure). It’s developed for EU research project, and we want the KGC to order it properly.

Acute Head Injury App

SVF Prostate Cancer Referral App (ENG)

Nursing Support – Oral health app (ENG)

Nursing Support – Pressure Ulcer (ENG)

Nursing Support – Malnutrition (ENG)

Nursing Support – Fall Risk (ENG)

Stroke Prevention (ENG)

Familial Hypercholesterolemia (ENG)

Apps in swedish

Pharros (SWE)

Akut skalltrauma (SWE)

Vårdskadeprevention – Munhälsa (SWE)

SVF Prostate Cancer Referral (SWE)

Vårdskadeprevention – Trycksår (SWE)

Vårdskadeprevention – Undernäring (SWE)

Vårdskadeprevention – Fallrisk (SWE)

Familjär Hyperkolesterolemi (SWE)

Strokeprevention (SWE)